About: iLB Q1


Urban cycling has many challenges. Visibility and communication on the road are key to overcoming many of them. Day to day riding with the iLB Q1 Smart Tail Light gives you more control of your journey.

Designed and developed by cyclists, for cyclists. The intuitive and automotive inspired light signal setup, powered by smartphone tech advancements, enhances everyday cyclist to driver interaction and understanding.

Inside the iLB Q1

Light Sensor: Accurately measuring the brightness of the external environment; automatically controlling the 'Ride Light' switch function accordingly.

Accelerometer: Driving the 'Smart Light' function. Sensing the bikes acceleration, deceleration and cycling conditions; quickly conveying changes in momentum to the rear.

Gyroscope: Identifying the balance, orientation and movement of the bike. Boosting the performance of the 'Smart Light' feature and automatically cancelling the left / right turning indicators.

Warning Bell: Built into the light body is a high-decibel warning bell, ready to be sounded with a simple press of the thumb.



  • Ride Light - Day / Night
  • Smart Light -
    Deceleration Warning
  • Turning Light - Direction Indicators
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • IPX5 Waterproof Rating
  • High-Decibel Warning Bell
  • Quick Setup & Durable Fastening Straps
  • 16-24h Battery Life (Full Charge)
  • Light Weight Body: 90g (Wireless Remote: 20g)
  • USB Rechargeable